The Musical Family

A Blended Learning solution to Preparatory Piano

Parents learn how to lead by example and harness technology to give their children a good grounding on the piano at home. 

The Musical Family Family method is currently being developed in Woodstock, Oxfordshire and the surrounding area. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date. 

Contact Greg Hooper to register your interest and discuss The Musical Family method and its tech setup.

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In The Musical Family

learning starts in the home...

Young children learn from their parents, but you don't have to be a concert pianist to pass on a few tricks on the piano! With e-leader at the helm, we can can work together to encourage our children to develop some good basic habits, stimulate their young minds, and set them up for a lifetime of musical pleasure and enjoyment!

Course Creator, Greg Hooper, explains how...

You can teach them:

- How to use more than 1 finger!

- Where to look on a screen!

- Why dots on the screen go up and down.

...and to start with you could just demonstrate by just playing a short phrase to them yourself!

What could I possibly teach my kids...?

What are the pros and cons of tuition apps and YouTube videos?

Colourful videos and interactive interfaces in tuition apps are powerful tools for grabbing our children's attention and amazing at encouraging kids to take first steps towards reading music and engaging with content. We can use them effectively when we know what to look out for, but a computer cannot observe the effect it's having. Left to its own devices, technology can have negative effects that we need to learn to spot.

It is possible to participate in this course at a basic level with a keyboard/piano at home and a device with access to Zoom, YouTube etc. Ideally, the device can sit in front of you whilst playing, but also be used to show the hands on the keyboard too. Piano Note Stickers are also useful for getting started.

However, to get the most out of the course and step into the driving seat of the piano visualisation app, Synthesia, you will need a Keyboard Workstation set up.

What equipment do I need?

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Contact Greg to register your interest

Hi! Please fill out the fields in the form below to register your interest in The Musical Family approach. I will respond as soon as I can and am happy to assist with any queries regarding lessons or the technical setup. I am also currently happy to offer consultation lessons and am very happy to chat on Zoom/Meet or phone about The Musical Family Method.

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