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E-leader was founded in June 2020 following the creation of fun and engaging virtual play sessions for Greg's 5 year old son, Ted, and his friends. Designed to facilitate social interaction with educational ideas mixed in, these sessions were called 'Time To Play And Learn'.


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Cover art by Maggie Souter

A lifeline in


In March 2020, the world was plunged into lockdown. Schools were closed. Children and their families had to stay at home. Concerned about the effects of social isolation on Greg's young children (Ted & Alfie) e-leader founders, Adam and Greg, decided to create sessions on Zoom for Ted and his friends so that they could continue to see each other.

Engaging the attention of 5 year olds on Zoom is no easy task, but they rose to the challenge by performing stories, designing lessons, and creating songs to put on engaging shows for the kids! The 'Time To Play And Learn' album is the result of this creative response to circumstances in the pandemic and features tracks that... whilst ideal for use in the classroom... are also just really good fun to listen to!

Listen to track previews here...

Outside of e-leader - an initiative designed to bring new educational ideas into the home - Adam and Greg also produce children's music under their other guise as

Snazzy Badgers!

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